Statement of the Baltic Watches founder Girts Strencis

Watches are my passion, my hobby and a profession to which I have dedicated over 10 years of my life.

Although many different multifunctional devices and gadgets have now become part of our lives, which, among other things, can tell the exact time, the value of watches has not been lost. People always consider watches as a distinctly personalised and unique asset.

Today a watch can be a bold fashion statement or it can represent one’s social status; it is a safe investment and a collector’s item. It is a timeless classics for all time.

The way I look at a watch can be compared to one’s love for books which radiate the enticing smell of a printing press. A watch is like an intellectual gourmand’s delicacy of fashion.

Baltic Watches in a way sums up my whole professional career and what results from it. It was my dream to open a full-service watch centre that would not only sell watches, but also provide repair services. The latter is the responsibility of one of the leading watchmakers in the Baltic states — Ervīns Undelis.

However, we decided to go even further by becoming the first business in the Baltic states to operate in the repurchase, exchange and sale of pre-owned watches.

A very popular service in Europe is for watch professionals to repurchase or exchange watches from their previous owners and to resell them with generous discounts. In this way, you are able to add a new high-quality watch to your existing collection without spending a fortune, yet be confident of its authenticity and excellent condition. We perform professional diagnostics on all our watches and provide a warranty for them.

Ģirts Strencis
Founder and CEO of Baltic Watches

Baltic Watches specialises in Swiss watches, which are trusted to relentlessly record the happy moments of the watch owners. This task requires exceptional precision and we are convinced that our watch mechanisms can do it!

Ervīns Undelis

Ervins Undelis

Lead Baltic Watches watch repair expert

Imants Jansons

Imants Jansons

Certified watchmaker specialising in the repair of especially complex mechanisms

Staņislavs Ņefedovs

Stanislav Nefedov

Watchmaker who specialises in repairing quartz watches